Goodbye Atwater, Hello new Town!?!?!

Think of every emotion you have ever seen or felt, now multiply that by 1oo!! That pretty much explains how I have been feeling the past months, after finding out we will be leaving our home town of Atwater. My Husband more then likely things I am crazy, and my family just keeps telling me it’s all going to be fine (I think because they have to say that). I have laughed, cried and attempted to pretend like it wasn’t happening then I got over it and realized this is a good thing! It actually went more like snap out of it you freaking baby, you are a grown woman and your kids are watching you to see how to react!!! But either way, I made it to where I am now and I am ready!! (Although I haven’t packed a thing yet..and we leave in less then a month….wait no lets keep the happy thoughts going!!)


I know I have been guilty of saying how much I don’t like Atwater, but when it comes down to it it’s home. I was born here, my children were born here, I went to school here, feel in love here and everything in between. I haven’t even left yet and I get teary eyed driving by the High School knowing my kids will never go there. I keep over eating at all my favorite restaurants like they are closing tomorrow!! Actually putting these things into words makes me feel a tad crazy..I try to remind myself you are only moving! Then I think about my friends and family, man I should have hung out with this person more or I should have enjoyed my family more! Again….you are just moving Liz!!:)

Why are we moving?? Well my Husband was offered a forever Job he couldn’t turn down! Which is exciting and we are sooo very grateful for this opportunity! (Hear me being excited and happy??) It’s a job he loves, he gets to be around people and talk their ears off. At his old job he was the only employee and I am pretty sure he started talking to himself. Anyone who knows Brian knows he is extremely social (and so I have no doubt he will thrive at his new job!

Why am I making this into a blog post?? I have decided that since I won’t be around my family everyday since we will be hours (4 hours!!!!?!?!) away that I need to keep them updated more then just on Facebook or a few texts here and there. Also moving gives me a feeling of starting fresh and trying new things! I have always wanted to have my own Blog where I share our stories, trials, and craziness!  I will have the chance to start my Photography Business over there and will be sharing that fun here too!! So if you are still reading and don’t think I have completely lost it, stick around because this should be fun!! (Totally serious voice there!)

Where are we moving??  Well this is the fun part! The part that when I made a list of the pros and cons of moving it totally gave the pros the WIN!! It’s beautiful, near a lake and ocean, contains a few of my favorite people, and my Husband won’t have to drive hours to go Hunting or Camping!! Our new Home will be…drum roll please

More on the town later, because there is soooo many things I want to share about Lakeport! It takes us about 3.5 hours to get there unless you count last time when It took me 6 hours to get home!! (That’s a whole other post!) Just wanted to touch basis, give some explanations, say sorry for being a hermit, disappearing and share the news!!! So who wants to help me pack?!?!:)


P.S. No need to look around the blog this is the only thing on it as of now! Not for long though:)


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